Meet Mama

Well hey there!

Welcome to Mama On Stage. I’m a Mum, of three and I am an actress. That’s my job. Sometime its glamorous and sometimes its fucking hard. All in all it makes for a varied life and a low income. IMG_7658But hey, when it’s good -its good and that’s why I’m still treading the boards ten years on and dragging my brood to castings- so I can get a job and they can be fed, watered and buy their Furbies.


Being an Actress and a Mama is mental. I literally have an alter ego.

 The Actress is Sarah Applewood, I’m in my early 30s, I love to be naughty, break the rules, feel a little bit illegal and be a little bit illegal. My wardrobe is eclectic, original, colourful and quirky. I love the world in the shadows. After a show, the adrenalin, the buzz and the booze and the beats. The night is a tall, handsome,dark friend calling me into his clutches, bright lights beckon as do the music, sex, drugs and rock n roll, baby.

The Mama is Sarah Chitty I’m in my late 30s. I have three children- even a set of twins for good measure. I own a 7-seater car with sliding doors and I once had a bugaboo. My companions and I quaff prosecco of an eve and green tea by day. Richard and Judy inspire book club reads as I potter on my Pashley to read the latest chick lit (yes of course I read Fifty Shade of Grey. It was shit.) We laugh at the level of lycra at the school gates whilst counting the calories in a canape.

This is my life. Its weird and wonderfuI. If you think your life is chaotic then stop here for a while. I feel a bit schizophrenic sometimes. Luckily  therapy hasn’t been needed. Yet.

Alter Ego Furby.


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